Recovery with
a purpose

Prolific Bodywork & Recovery

Recovery with a purpose

Prolific Bodywork & Recovery leads you on your way to recovery by providing a diverse blend of soft tissue therapy that specializes in chronic and acute pain, postural dysfunctions, and aids in improving performance and life. ​Our approach is simple- treat every individual with the specialized techniques and work with you to get you moving pain free.

Hybrid Sports Massage sessions are done clothed and best suited for active individuals who are looking to level up their recovery and improve performance.

Myofascial Release Bodywork Sessions are done in a more traditional setting with draping and uses active and passive massage techniques to release tight and restricted tissues due to overuse and injury.

Packages are sold in groups of three at a reduced price of our single sessions. Packages are transferable to family or friends and do not expire.

About Prolific

At Prolific, we believe that each person should be treated as an individual to help resolve the muscular ailments they present with. Our bodywork will work with you to support and develop your body’s best form and function. We want to help people live a more prolific life through a diverse blend of soft tissue therapy.

Prolific Mentorship & Coaching

Helping bodywork & massage therapists build their brand and practice with one on one coaching. This mentorship program will give you the clarity you need to take your solo practice to the next level of impact and income. Go all in on yourself!

This 7 week course will focus on client avatar and experience, redefining your why and mission, networking and online presence, systems and process, and much more!

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