Hybrid Sports Massage

Hybrid Sports Massage sessions are done clothed or with minimal draping, and best suited for active individuals who are looking to level up their recovery and improve performance. Sessions combine manual therapy, tools, and stretching, but may also include time spent working on mobility, stability, and strength. These sessions are designed to provide long term results and not only address soft tissue pain, but also help to restore better movement and are individualized to each client.

  • 60 min/$120
  • 75 min/ $135
  • 90 min/$165

Myofascial Release Session

Myofascial Release Bodywork Sessions are done in a more traditional setting with draping and uses active and passive massage techniques to release tight and restricted tissues due to overuse and injury. This calms down the nervous system giving you a solid foundation to move with freedom and ease in your body.

  • 60 min/$120
  • 75 min/ $135
  • 90 min/$165


Packages are sold in groups of three at a reduced price of our single sessions. Packages are transferable to family or friends and do not expire.

Package price for Sports Massage and Myofascial sessions:

  • (3) 60 min/$330

  • (3) 75 min/$375

  • (3) 90 min/$465

Prolific Mentorship & Coaching

Helping bodywork & massage therapists build their brand and practice with one on one coaching. This mentorship program will give you the clarity you need to take your solo practice to the next level of impact and income. Go all in on yourself!

This 7 week course will focus on client avatar and experience, redefining your why and mission, networking and online presence, systems and process, and much more!

The More You Know

We do not accept insurance. However, we do accept HSA and FSA and can provide proper invoicing if requested.

For our full Terms & Conditions, please review them in detail HERE.

Yes, water is always a good choice. It not only supports your circulatory systems, but also helps your lymphatic system. Healthy muscle tissue is key here!

Yes, it’s ok to exercise after a massage, but most people prefer to take a rest day to fully absorb the benefits of the session.

For the most part, we can alleviate a huge portion of your aches and pains in your first session. However, it may take a few sessions to get rid of tightness that has been in your body for long periods of time.

Cupping marks can fade after a few hours or take up to 2 weeks to fade. It all depends on the tissue health at the time.

The client can dress down to their comfort level. The Hybrid Sports Massage, usually requires client fully dressed or minimal clothes off if area is restricted. During Myofascial Release sessions, clients are usually undressed (down to comfort level) with traditional draping and only the body part that is being worked on will be uncovered.

Depending on how long you’ve been in pain, the worked area can feel anywhere from slightly uncomfortable to slightly painful. Pain is NEVER the goal, we always want to work with “manageable intensity.” Always communicate with your therapist about the level of discomfort and pressure; techniques performed can be counter-productive if the client tightens up the areas being worked on.

Your body can feel a bit sore in the areas that were worked on extensively as the adhesions in the muscles are becoming unstuck.