​As humans, it’s a fundamental trait to our survival. We adapt to our surroundings. We fall back into patterns, if just feels normal and super  comfortable. That is why the time off the table is crucial to reeducate. 

Sadly, it is a trait that can throat punch us. I would argue, when we become settled and comfortable we get “soft” and vulnerable. You start to see things as your are, not how the world is. PERCEPTION. This is a perfect time for injury to sneak itself in. With that being said, pain is also perception. 10/10 subjective. Hear me out, Rick Flair walks up and pops you in the face, I’d cry and you may laugh. Same external stimulus, different response.

Pain is your body’s way of begging for change! Changing how you move ultimately will change how you think 🤯 brain and body are really good friends. Pain you can’t trust, because pain is not the problem. ⁣Pain is a symptom of an issue that is causing beef with the body. Which means there is an underlying issue when pain is absent. ⁣

How can we make change?

Simply put: get out of your own way. Keep it simple, it really is that easy.

• get on the ground, move with your kids, sit and read

• exercise outside: go hike, go rock climb, paddle board. Get out of the Sagittal plane 

• hop to your car after work? I don’t know, you may make friends? 

• stop taking the elevator, maybe walk sideways up the steps

• kneel or stand at your office desk

• squat during office meetings, again you may get some weird looks

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