Text Thumb: A Modern Day Infection

We do a lot from our phones, I bet most of you guys are reading this blog from your phone right now. Society requires a great deal of repetitive thumb use, especially from texting, swiping, and scrolling. Pair that with barbell and every other countless thing we demand from our hands, the thumbs can take a beating.

Being attached to our smart phones in this way can amplify certain inflammatory responses such as tendinitis. Your tendons are what attach the bone and muscle, when we have overuse (mhm-mhm, phone in hand activities) the inflammation sets in…welcome, tendonitis. Don’t think this will only show up in the thumb itself,   everything connected always. These repetitive hand motions can lead to the pain in the wrist and forearms. Small task can become super daunting and forgetting about using hook grip in a barbell piece. Tendonitis causes wrist pain, aching, numbness, and loss of strength. However, this pain can sometimes be confused with the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, especially when paired with swelling. 

If you are having thumb, hand, or forearm pain, what can you do?

1. Put your phone down, or just be mindful of your time you spend scrolling away. 

2. Book a session. This work isn’t for pleasure, but your thumbs will be forever grateful. 

Live Well


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